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September 2023

Final webinar - CityLoops and Bio-waste

26 September 2023, 11:00 - 12:30


CityLoops final webinar on Bio-waste will present in depth the main results from the project's work towards a circular bioeconomy, giving an overview of how the developed instruments and demonstration actions can be replicated in other cities in Europe and beyond.

The webinar will follow the structure of one of the main legacies of the project, the Bio-waste Practitioner Handbook. The handbook provides recommendations for any European local government on how to promote circularity in the bio-waste sector. It aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice by referring to both relevant findings in literature and a selection of case studies from CityLoops as well as from other projects.

Preliminary programme for the webinar

  • 11:00 Introduction: The circular transition of the bio-waste sector and the role of local authorities
  • 11:05 Evaluation: Understanding your city
  • 11:15 Implementation: CE in the bio-waste sector
    - Waste prevention
    - Food redistribution
    - Decentralised treatment
    - Centralised treatment (Separate collection, Pre-treatment method and Main valorization technologies)
  • 11:35 Implementation & acceleration - Enabling and accelerating the transition to a circular bio-waste system
  • 11:50 Q&A with webinar participants
  • 12:20 Closing

The webinar will feature examples and speakers from Apeldoorn (the Netherlands), Mikkeli (Finland), Porto (Portugal) and Seville (Spain).

The webinar can be accessed via the link below. Registration is not needed. Add it to your calendar!