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LANDMARK Video: Verifying Social Responsibility in Supply Chains
The LANDMARK video contains interviews with key stakeholders across Europe along with informative animations. It focuses on the need for verifying social criteria throughout the supply chain and how this can and has been achieved in practice.
Food and catering, Textiles, ICT (information and communication techn.), Buildings and construction
Social responsibility
FRESH – Financing energy Refurbishment for Social Housing
FRESH was a European co-operation project aimed at demonstrating the potential of energy performance contracting (EPC) for social housing operators to achieve low energy refurbishment. A series of demonstration and dissemination activities were organised.
English, Bulgarian, French, Italian
Bulgaria, France, Italy, United Kingdom
Buildings and construction
Energy performance contracting
FRESH project
Low Carbon Vehicle Public Procurement Programme Summary Report
The Low Carbon Vehicle Public Procurement Programme (LCVPPP) which ran from 2008
to 2013 was one of the largest trials of electric and hybrid commercial vehicles carried
out in the UK to date. Funded by the Department for Transport’s (DfT) Office for Low
Emission Vehicles (OLEV), and managed by Cenex, LCVPPP placed 700 hybrid and
electric panel vans from four different manufacturers within 77 public sector fleets.
Transport and vehicles
General GPP/SPP, ,
Innovation Procurement:The power of the public purse
This brochure provides an overview of EU funded innovation procurement
projects in the ICT domain.
Innovation procurement (PPI) , Pre commercial procurement,
European Commission
Sustainable Procurement: A guide
Ziel der Analyse ist es, Handlungsspielräume für die Implementierung öko-soziale Aspekte beim Einkauf von Verbrauchsmaterialien und der Vergabe von Infrastrukturprojekten innerhalb des Unternehmens aufzuzeigen
Transport and vehicles
ÖBB Infrastruktur
Helpdesk certified wood
Helpdesk for the whole supply chain. Helping representatives to answer their questions on among others sourcing certified timber, implementing policies, writing directives and specifications and obtaining chain of custody certification. Free of charge.
Timber and forestry
SCP for Low Carbon Economy: Green Public Procurement and Eco-Labelling
With unique climatic conditions, long coastlines and high CO2-emissions, Southeast Asia is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change yet also offers high potential for emission reduction and mitigation against global warming and climate change. Sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns are crucial to mitigate those risks.
Sustainable Consumption and Production Clearinghouse
The Global SCP Clearinghouse is targeted at governments, the business sector, researchers, civil society, mass media, among other actors. It covers all themes and sectors relevant to SCP as well as all regions. The Global SCP Clearinghouse builds on and links to many existing websites and portals, providing new and interactive functions to strengthen cooperation and inspire more action for SCP.
English, French
General GPP/SPP
Forum for sustainable purchasing
Forum for Sustainable Procurement was set up by the Minister for the Environment in May 2011 to promote environmentally conscious and responsible procurement of goods and services among professional buyers - both in public and private companies.
General GPP/SPP
Minister for the Environment (Denmark)