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CHARM Programme - improving traffic management through pre-commercial procurement (PCP)
Some specific functions that significantly improve traffic management are not yet available on the market. The CHARM PCP project (2012-2017) challenged the market to develop innovative traffic management functions for Rijkswaterstaat (Netherlands) and Highways England. External companies have developed six new prototypes for incident detection, network management and in-car systems.
English, Dutch
Netherlands, United Kingdom
ICT (information and communication techn.)
Innovation procurement (PPI) , Pre commercial procurement
Efficient Procurement of Resources Guide
Outlines entry points for resource efficiency across the lifecycle, the German policy context and regulation.
Europe/EU, Germany
Transport and vehicles, Energy, Buildings and construction
General GPP/SPP
PRIMES works to build capacity for GPP within small and medium-sized public sector organisations, provide hands-on support for implementation and act as an agent of change for GPP at the regional and local level in all EU Member States.
Europe/EU, Denmark, France, Italy, Latvia, Sweden, Croatia
ICT (information and communication techn.), Transport and vehicles, Energy, Buildings and construction, Lighting
General GPP/SPP, Energy efficiency
GPP-STREAM builds on the idea that interregional cooperation can help mainstreaming GPP policies within the administrations involved and ensure that resource efficiency measures are spread and benefits acknowledged. The project aims to improve the management, implementation and monitoring of policy instruments that integrate GPP approaches so as to ensure that resource efficiency gains can be maximized and that resource efficiency objectives are institutionalized through GPP. The project is coordinated by Region Friuli and is implemented in partnership with 8 Bulgarian, Spanish, French, Italian and Romanian bodies that have complementary environmental and GPP expertise.
Europe/EU, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Romania, Spain
General GPP/SPP
Circular PP
Circular PP is a 3-year project supported by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme. The aim is to address the societal challenge of resource efficiency in a multidimensional way. The project develops an adequate framework for circular procurement in the countries belonging to the Baltic Sea Region.
General GPP/SPP, Circular Economy
GPP4Growth brings together nine partners from nine countries, to exchange experiences & practices and improve their capacities on implementing resource efficiency policies that promote eco-innovation and green growth through Green Public Procurement (GPP).
General GPP/SPP
GPP News-Alert
Monthly newsletters on green public procurement (GPP) issued by the EU GPP Helpdesk. Each News-Alert provides news on new initiatives, studies and guidance, policy and legislative developments, interviews with key stakeholders and a selected number of examples of GPP in practice.
General GPP/SPP
European Commission
Birmingham (UK), Budapest (Hungary), Castelló & Valencia (Spain) and Wrocław (Poland) will demonstrate that by selectively intervening in scheduled public tenders, energy consumption can be reduced and GHG emissions decreased.
General GPP/SPP, Innovation procurement (PPI)
ENEC - European Network of Ecodesign Centres
Our mission is to openly exchange knowledge, experience and best practice in all aspects of ecodesign to ensure more companies make ecodesign happen.
We use the network as a platform to share knowledge, experience and best practice (e.g. policies, instruments, tools, services, case studies etc.) on all aspects of ecodesign, from regional policy development and delivery through to implementation in industry and education.
Innovation procurement (PPI) , Pre commercial procurement, SMEs(small and medium sized enterprises)