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Circular Procurement Guide
This guide is intended for procurement staff and gives specific pointers to set you on the right path to introduce circular procurement in your organisation. This instrument took shape in the summer of 2013 and has been further supplemented since then.
Circular Economy
MVO Nederland
Procura+ Awards 2016 - Rewarding Sustainable and Innovative Public Procurement
In-Procurement magazine featuring the article Procura+ Awards: Rewarding Sustainable and Innovative Public Procurement
General GPP/SPP
In-Procurement Magazine
APEC Cooperation Network on Green Supply Chain
APEC Cooperation Network on Green Supply Chain is an evolving cooperation mechanism which aims to coordinate the efforts towards a Green Supply Chain and to develop tools to promote green trade and investment, while also contributing to the realization of Green Supply Chains in the Asia-Pacific region.
General GPP/SPP
International Labour Organization (ILO)
The ILO is the international organization responsible for drawing up and overseeing international labour standards.
Social responsibility
Barcelona “Environmental Education Guides”
Barcelona City Council’s “Environmental Education Guides” are intended to help
spread the practice of sustainability to the citizens, to civil society organisations and to companies.

All of them can are available in Catalan (some Spanish and English translations available).
English, Catalan, Spanish
Barcelona City Council
Sustainable procurement - PIANOo, Netherlands
Information on SPP provided by the Dutch Procurement Expertise Centre (PIANOo), including SPP criteria and guidance on social issues in procurement
General GPP/SPP
The Society of Procurement Officers in Local Government (SOPO)
The Society of Procurement Officers in Local Government (SOPO) engages in a range of activities to promote its strategic purchasing, contracting and supplies functions. Its aim is to advise local authorities throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland on all purchasing and supplies matters of national/general interest, and represent its members on other bodies to promote the society and its aims.
United Kingdom
Catalan Regional Government
The Catalan Regional Government website provides an overview of GPP activities within Catalunya, with links to guidance and criteria
Catalan, Spanish
General GPP/SPP
Polish information portal on GPP
Polish information portal on GPP providing national tools and guidance as well as reference to the EU GPP toolkit. The platform is run the Ministry of Economy in cooperation with Public Procurement Office