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DEFRA - UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Information portal on GPP provided by the UK Environment Department, which contains and overview of UK GPP policy together with a link to the Government Buying Standards (GPP criteria)
United Kingdom
General GPP/SPP
UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)
Slovak Environmental Agency (SAŽP)
The Environmental Agency website presents an overview of GPP in Slovakia and the EU, together with guidance on implementation and the Slovakian National Action Plan on GPP
Slovak Republic
Slovak Environmental Agency
National Agency for Public Purchases (ANCP)
The Portuguese purchasing body, ANCP, includes environmental criteria in many of its framework contracts. Their website contains an overview of GPP in Portugal, together with the GPP criteria they apply
Portuguese National Agency of Public Purchases (ANCP)
Czech green procurement criteria & information
Czech national criteria for furniture and IT equipment. The criteria are developed and maintained by CENIA, the Czech Information Agency for the Environment
Czech Republic
ICT (information and communication techn.), Furniture
CENIA - Czech Information Agency for the Environment
Sustainable Procurement Centre of Excellence for Higher Education (SPCE)
The SPCE is a 4 year project funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England. The project intends to make demonstrable changes to the ways Higher Education Institutions embed sustainable procurement into their standard procedures, practices and policies.
United Kingdom
Maltese national green public procurement website
The website, managed by the Maltese Government's Tourism and Sustainable Development Unit, provides key information on the national framework for GPP in Malta, including the recent National GPP Action Plan, and criteria to be followed by procurers
General GPP/SPP
Maltese Government - Tourism and Sustainable Development Unit
A Lead Market Initiative for Europe (LMI)
A European Commission initiative, led by DG Enterprise and Industry, focused on encouraging innovation through boosting demand for innovative solutions. Public procurement is one of the kex areas of activity, with the initiative supporting several networks of public procurers.
Innovation procurement (PPI)
European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry
Toolbox of Methodologies on Climate and Energy
This online Toolbox was created to capture methodologies and tools – for local climate and energy actions! It provides guidance for Local Governments and their partners
The Center for a New American Dream
Since its founding in 1997, the Center for a New American Dream has been at the forefront of many issues. Through our programs and campaigns, we have raised awareness of the negative impact of a hyper-consumer culture, helped define conscious consuming and green living, focused on downshifting and finding balance, and helped large institutional buyers shift their procurement to greener alternatives.
United States
General GPP/SPP