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Procura+ Awards for sustainable and innovative procurement

6 July 2016

Public procurers that have carried out a sustainable and innovative procurement procedure are invited to apply for the prestigious Procura+ Awards.

The awards, which replace the Procurement of Innovation awards, have been broadened to include three categories: 'Sustainable Procurement of the Year' recognises the outstanding environmental, social and economic impacts of a procurement; 'Innovation Procurement of the Year' acknowledges an impressive procurement of innovation and the public authority as a launch customer; and 'Tender Procedure of the Year' rewards procurers that took an exceptional approach to sustainable and innovation procurement.

The Federal Procurement Agency of Austria won last year’s Procurement of Innovation award as a result of their procurement of a machine that vaporises waste-water to remove waste particles. The solution is used by the Austrian mint to clean water contaminated during the production of coins and notes.

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