30 June 2016

Transport for London to purchase innovative lighting products

Transport for London, the primary public transport operator in the British capital, has awarded a framework contract worth €10 million (£8 million) to a number of lighting manufacturers for the long-term supply of innovative lighting products. When whole life-cycle costs are taken into account, the environmentally-friendly lighting products are expected to save TfL up to 50 percent of what they were previously paying, resulting in savings of millions of pounds. The procurement was aided by the EU-funded PRO-LITE project.

The fixtures will also achieve significant reductions in energy use and carbon emissions. The contract encourages consistent innovation on the behalf of the supplier, incentivising them to continue to reduce TfL's whole life-cycle costs and their overall impact on the environment. The PRO-LITE approach to procurement is now set to be rolled out for a range of other products commonly used by TfL.

PRO-LITE focuses on the procurement of innovative lighting technologies and solutions that offer social, environmental and economic benefits. A case study will be produced by the project based on the awarding of the contract. The next PRO-LITE dissemination event will take place on Tuesday 19 July in London.

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