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Abu Dhabi embraces sustainable procurement

24 October 2012

The application of sustainable procurement is seeing a surge in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), as many government and private organisations aim to cut energy consumption and lower emissions. Sustainable procurement is a flagship programme of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group (ADSG) which comprises government and private organisations. The programme encourages organisations to adopt a sustainable procurement policy which benefits not only the organisations but society as well, by minimising environmental impact.

The programme focuses on sustainable procurement in transport, waste management, buildings and infrastructure. Over 30 organisations in the city, from government bodies to businesses and NGOs, have embraced the concept. Sustainable procurement is seen as a major contribution to the implementation of Abu Dhabi’s Environment Vision 2030, which encompasses goals to protect the environment by improving resource efficiency and promoting sustainable lifestyles.

To meet its sustainability goals, the government of Abu Dhabi favours a mixture of legislation and awareness raising, leading to voluntary actions. "[The uptake in sustainable procurement] proves that voluntary action prompted by awareness can really make changes on the ground level without any legislations to make mandatory steps to practice sustainability,” said Huda Al Houqani, Director of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group.

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