22 April 2013

Stakeholders asked to take part in pilot study on heating systems

A pilot study into heating systems led by the Joint Research Centre is calling for stakeholders to take part in the consultation process. Stakeholders can provide input in a number of ways, including through responding to questionnaires and participating in stakeholder meetings.

A revised version of the technical report for the development of European Ecolabel Criteria for Hydronic Heaters is now available online. In order to ensure that all comments are fully considered, stakeholders are asked to submit them before Friday 26 April to:

The project will develop an evidence base from which EU policy making in the area of heating systems can be developed. This includes defining EU Ecolabel and Green Public Procurement criteria, as well as informing Ecodesign requirements. It will also ensure that any outcomes are in line with the approach of the European Commission, resulting in greater policy coherence and compatibility and improved efficiency. In order to take part, stakeholders must register their interest. Those registered are regularly informed of the project’s progress.

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