18 April 2013

New website helps buyers find responsibly produced products and services

A new website for responsible buying has been launched in the region of Champagne-Ardenne (France). Both professional and private buyers can use the site to find responsibly produced products and services. The website lists 150 enterprises from the social and solidarity economy (organisations that address societal injustices), most of whom are taking part in a reintegration programme aimed at helping unemployed, disabled or otherwise vulnerable persons rejoin professional life.

In addition to the search tools for enterprises and practical information on how to buy responsibly, the website also includes background information and news. Through the website, the regional government aims to increase the volume of business carried out by enterprises from the social and solidarity economy, and to consolidate or even create jobs in this field. They also seek to support buyers to become responsible "consum'actors" (consumers as activists).

The website has been launched by the regional chamber of social economy of Champagne-Ardenne (CRESCA) together with the reintegration programme networks (réseaux de l'IAE), the regional council, the regional directorate for enterprise, competition, consumption, work and employment (DIRECCTE) and the mutual insurance company for French traders and industrialists (Macif).

To view the website, click here.