14 February 2017

Future of the European NGO Network on GPP discussed in Hungary

The recently launched European NGO Network on Green Public Procurement (GPP) held an introductory session on 26 January in Szentendre (Hungary), gathering NGOs from across Europe with an interest in learning more about how GPP can be used to help cities and regions improve their sustainability and meet environmental policy objectives. Simon Clement and Estela Grana of ICLEI introduced the network, while Enrico Degiorgis of the European Commission provided a short introduction to GPP, the support available from the European Commission, and available tools and guidance.

Representatives from European NGOs then shared with participants their experience of working in the field of GPP with cities and regions. Abby Semple from Public Procurement Analysis outlined the practical and legal considerations of GPP, while Simon Clement ran through available resources on the topic.

Estela Grana detailed the support that the network can offer NGOs, and looked at activities planned for the coming months. Towards the end of the session NGOs were asked to fill in a template with the main goals that they would like to reach during the next two years, identifying which actions would be necessary and the support needed for them.

For more information on the European NGO Network on Green Public Procurement, visit the website or download the guidance document.