26 November 2015

Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement to hold Summit at COP21

Participants of the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement will showcase their achievements during their 1st Summit, to be held at COP21 in Paris (France). The event will be hosted in ICLEI’s Cities and Regions Pavilion – TAP 2015 on the afternoon of 5 December, from 16.00 until 17.15. During the Summit, cities in the network will outline how they intend to fulfil the commitments they have signed and will exchange experience and knowledge. The programme is available online.

Auckland (New Zealand), Denver (USA), Oslo (Norway), Quezon City (Philippines) and Warsaw (Poland) are the latest participants to join the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement. The Network is a joint initiative of Seoul Metropolitan Government and ICLEI to promote sustainable public procurement (SPP) and related environmental, societal and financial benefits. The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute (KEITI) have welcomed the initiative and are looking forward to its integration in the 10YFP on SPP Programme. The Network was launched in April 2015 with Seoul (Republic of Korea), Cape Town (South Africa), Helsinki (Finland), Ghent (Belgium) and Rotterdam (The Netherlands) as founding participants.

“These global SPP ambassadors are joining efforts to raise awareness on the benefits of sustainable public procurement and public procurement of innovation, as well as combating climate change with their activities,” said Gino Van Begin, ICLEI Secretary General. “Network participants show their commitment to improve the quality of life for their citizens, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, foster new markets, create new job opportunities and save money for their administrations.” The latest updates are available on twitter by following @GLCN_on_SP.

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