9 July 2013

ICLEI joins council of sustainable procurement leaders

ICLEI has partnered with the new Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council, an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organisation which aims to solve the biggest obstacle to sustainable institutional purchasing: a lack of standardisation in how sustainable purchasing is defined, guided, measured and rewarded. Comprised of leaders from government, industry, academia, standards organisations and NGOs, the council functions partly as a collaborative space in which sustainable procurement leaders can come together to discuss methods of overcoming pressing challenges.

The primary goal of the organisation is to positively influence the life cycle impacts of goods and services. Among its work, the council develops sustainable purchasing guidance and measurement and benchmarking tools, offers training and certification, and convenes conferences, workshops and expert gatherings. On July 23, the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council will launch with a live webcast from Washington, DC (USA).

Taking place from 13:00 to 14:30 EST, registration for the event is free and can be completed online. SPLC’s Jason Pearson said: “By providing organisations with credible guidance and a leadership recognition programme that rewards them for choosing sustainable solutions, we will empower institutional purchasing to lead the transformation of our economies.”

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