14 February 2012

Stakeholders invited to participate in EU GPP criteria revision for road signs

A study to inform the revision process of the existing EU GPP criteria for the product group of road construction and traffic signs is currently being launched by the Joint Research Centre's Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC-IPTS). To ensure the review is comprehensive, all concerned parties are invited to contribute, such as manufacturers, trade bodies, the supply chain industry, consumer organisations and NGOs.

Similar to other product groups worked on by JRC-IPTS, participating stakeholders will be regularly informed about the progress of the study, will have access to preliminary results and draft documents and will be invited to respond to questionnaires and participate at stakeholder meetings.

The purpose of the revision is to have updated, clear and ambitious environmental criteria, based on a life-cycle approach and scientific evidence base. Environmental, safety, technical and functional aspects will also be considered during the process. All background information, as well as announcements of ad-hoc working group meetings will be available soon on the project’s official website.

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