11 February 2016

Medical waste disposal tender sees Emilia-Romagna achieve green outcome

In December 2013 Intercent-ER, the central purchasing body for the Italian Region of Emilia-Romagna, issued a joint procurement initiative for the sustainable management of hospital waste, which saw the organisation not only achieve an impressive environmental outcome, but also come in under budget. When published, the estimated value of the tender was €54 million, but when awarded the contract cost only €37.2 million.

To compete, bidders were required to have an environmental management system, such as EMAS, in place. The winning supplier also had to have the capacity to sort through and analyse the disposed medical waste to determine chemical and physical properties. It then needed to provide containers and labels to dispose of it appropriately, and was required to use low-carbon methods of transport.

50 percent of the points were awarded for quality, with the other 50 percent given for price. Environmental considerations were included in the quality criteria, such as guarantees around the traceability of the waste, a proposal for procedures for emergency situations, and a requirement to provide Life-Cycle Assessment using the standard ISO 14040.

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