28 July 2015

UK sustainability certification encourages businesses to reduce CO2 emissions annually

A UK sustainability certification developed by two environmental organisations has been designed to recognise companies and other organisations that cut their greenhouse gas emissions by at least 2.5 percent per year. The certification is the brainchild of Planet First, a sustainability consultancy focused on the private sector, and the Eden project, an educational organisation that aims to raise awareness about human impact on the natural world.

The certification provides third-party assistance to help companies calculate their emissions and put in place measures to reduce them. Emissions from procured goods and services also play a role in the overall analysis. Businesses usually find that the cost of certification is usually covered by the savings made through greater efficiency. Most companies who go for certification surpass the 2.5 percent mark, achieving a CO2 reduction of between seven and eight percent.

The majority of businesses requesting the certification have been small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), a fact that Steve Malkin, the CEO of Planet First, welcomes. β€œIt is gratifying that most Planet Mark certified businesses come from the SME community, who are not mandated to report carbon emissions or reduce them,” he said. A new certification for developments including commercial buildings has also been launched, titled the Planet Mark for Buildings.

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