3 July 2015

Italian Region of Lombardy releases PIN for refurbishment of buildings

A Prior Information Notice (PIN) has been released by the Region of Lombardy (Italy), alerting suppliers to the planned public procurement of innovative solutions for the refurbishment of two buildings used as social housing. Built in the 1980s, the buildings are poorly insulated resulting in uncomfortable conditions for occupants. The procurement is part of the Region’s collaboration with the EU-funded PROBIS project, which helps public authorities to procure innovative solutions for European buildings.

The region’s main aim is to increase the thermal comfort and improve air quality in the buildings. The region also wishes to lessen the environmental impact of the buildings, reducing the use of fossil fuel and lowering energy usage by around 40 percent and 24 percent in the buildings respectively. User-friendly regulation, metering and billing of heating is also expected. The value of the contract is between €800,000 and €1 million.

The city also stipulates that changes should present a minimum interference and disturbance to tenants, with occupants able to stay in their homes during renovation. The procurement procedure is being carried out by Lombardy Social Housing Company for the Province of Bergamo, Lecco and Sondrio (ALER), a public body that purchases, constructs and recovers homes and properties to rent and sell to medium and low income families. The Italian City of Turin also recently published a PIN for similar refurbishment needs.

For more information, visit the PROBIS website.