24 February 2015

EU Ecolabel expands to include absorbent hygiene products

New EU Ecolabel criteria have been adopted for the product group "absorbent hygiene products" (AHP), which includes baby diapers, feminine care pads, tampons and nursing pads. With over €8.6 billion in sales within the product group last year, the EU expects the new Ecolabel to have a far-reaching impact on consumers.

The label will be applied to hygiene products that reduce their environmental impact throughout their life cycle by eschewing unsustainable materials or hazardous substances at the manufacturing stage. The EU Ecolabel schemes also takes into account social issues, such as safety conditions in manufacturing plants and labour rights.

Unlike some product groups, 90 percent of the AHP products manufactured in Europe are consumed in the continent. The EU Ecolabel scheme is designed to help consumers identify products and services that are manufactured with the environment in mind. The criteria that each product group must meet to avail of the label have been developed and agreed upon by scientists, NGOs and relevant stakeholders.

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