6 September 2012

Cornwall Council moves from “sustainable” to “responsible” procurement

Cornwall Council (United Kingdom) has made the decision to move from “sustainable procurement” to “responsible procurement”, in an effort to prevent confusion among potential suppliers. The move comes after the council introduced new agendas to consider in procurement, including equality and diversity and safeguarding vulnerable adults and children, which caused some puzzlement when classed under "sustainable".

“Responsible procurement”, states the Council, means pioneering socially, environmentally and economically responsible procurement to deliver improved quality of life and better value for money for people and businesses. The move towards “responsible” rather than “sustainable” procurement will occur over the next 12 months.

Initially the Council will focus on five Responsible Procurement work streams; Environmental Sustainability & Carbon Management, Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding, Ethical Sourcing and SME Engagement. The change aims to make the Council more coordinated and consequently more efficient in their procurement approach. The Council has a new 'Responsible Procurement Policy' to reflect the changes underway.

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