30 May 2012

Guide on social responsibility in supply chains published by LANDMARK

The LANDMARK project has published Verifying Social Responsibility in Supply Chains, a practical and legal guide on social considerations in public procurement. The study analyses different instruments of verification that can be used at the various stages of a procurement process, such as pre-procurement, selection or exclusion criteria, technical specifications, award criteria and contract performance clauses, as well as contract management.

The guide demonstrates how verification schemes can be applied in a legally compliant manner by citing case law, providing examples of verification schemes developed and implemented across Europe, and by discussing the monitoring and measuring of compliance.

The product groups focused on were chosen based on their practical relevance for public sector procurers and the potential to have a positive impact on working conditions along the supply chain. The LANDMARK project intends the guide to be of interest, as well as of practical use, to those who wish to move towards more socially responsible procurement.

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