16 June 2021

GLA Group features 12 case studies on responsible procurement

Procura+ Participant GLA (Greater London Authority) Group has recently published 12 case studies on responsible procurement. They address good practice examples of public procurement within the London Fire Brigade, the London Legacy Development Corporation, Transport of London and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). 12 individual case studies are showcasing the power of public procurement and the valuabe work being done in several areas such as construction, transport and textiles.

To only name a couple, the London Fire Brigade is making the switch to electric, in order to drastically cut its carbon use from the cars in its fleet. Transport of London is ethically procuring TfL uniforms ensuring the people who make its uniforms work under safe and fair conditions.

Using circular procurement strategies and new business models, the MPS is creating innovative solutions for reducing waste and is further committed to delivering social, economic and environmental outcomes through an extensive construction programme.

The case studies highlight the progress being made to achieve the ambitious commitments set out in the Responsible Procurement Implementation Plan 2018-20. The GLA Group summarized results in a Responsible Procurement Progress Report 2019-20. The newly re-elected Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, came out with a new Responsible Procurement Policy 2021 which forms the foundation of further efforts to strive for responsible procurement.