17 October 2017

European Commission publishes new Circular Procurement brochure

The European Commission has published a brochure, authored by ICLEI, containing guidance and good practice on how public procurement can support the transition to a circular economy. 'Public Procurement for a Circular Economy' sets out the policy framework, strategic thinking and planning recommended before embarking on a public procurement process, engaging the market and consideration of the various steps of the procurement hierarchy (based on the European waste hierarchy): reduce, reuse, recycle and recover. The various phases are supported by good practice experiences from across Europe.

'Circular procurement' has the potential to transform how public bodies approach their purchases. As well as placing greater emphasis on fulfilling needs and considering lifetime costs, circular economy principles can also facilitate a more holistic consideration of environmental impacts and waste creation across the whole life-cycle of goods and services.

The brochure builds on the direction set in the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy by providing a range of practical steps for considering circularity when carrying out green public procurement (GPP).

For more information and to download the brochure, visit the European Commission's GPP website.