23 September 2015

GrowSmarter website showcases market-ready solutions for future smart cities

A total of 12 innovative solutions geared towards increasing sustainability in the fields of energy, infrastructure, and transport will be rolled out in Stockholm (Sweden), Cologne (Germany), and Barcelona (Spain) as part of the Grow Smarter project. The EU-funded project has recently released its new website, showing how the 12 solutions will support the transition to a smart, sustainable Europe and improve the quality of life for local residents.

The three cities, named “lighthouse” cities by the project, will work closely with the private sector in applying the solutions, demonstrating their market-readiness and leading to wider market uptake. Progress in the lighthouse cities will be closely monitored by the project’s five “follower” cities – Valetta (Malta), Porto (Portugal), Cork (Ireland), Suceava (Romania), and Graz (Austria).

The newly launched website will also provide technical information on each of the 12 solutions, as well as blog updates from the worksites in the three Lighthouse Cities to give an insight into how they are progressing on the ground. Opportunities for other cities and interested parties to get involved are also featured. The project is funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.

For more information, visit the Grow Smarter website.