5 December 2014

New online platform makes Corporate Social Responsibility easier to verify

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Risk Check is an online platform aimed at businesses and entrepreneurs who purchase internationally produced products, export products or produce abroad. The platform uses public data sources about CSR risks related to international business activities and collates them into an easily-accessed mapping tool. Businesses and entrepreneurs can take a short test to outline which international CSR risks specific trade activities carry, and what steps can be implemented to minimise these risks.

The four main areas of CSR covered are labour rights, fair business practices, human rights and ethics, and the environment. Under these broad headings specific information on topics such as animal rights, conflict and security, and child labour is accessible. Filters can be placed, allowing users to generate information specific to their needs and concerns. Presently, the CSR Risk Check has 3,007 risks that potentially affect global supply chains, manufacturing, purchasing, and importing and exporting.

The CSR Risk Check was commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and developed by MVO Nederland and Efocus. The platform is based on the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) guidelines for multinational enterprises which set out principles and standards for responsible business conduct expected by the governments of the Netherlands and 45 other countries from multinational enterprises to observe.

For more information, visit the CSR Risk Check website.