24 April 2014

GPP2020 offers training materials in eight languages

Free training materials for both trainers and procurers have been made available on the GPP2020 website. They are available in the eight project languages (Catalan, Croatian, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian, and Spanish) and offer solutions to difficulties and doubts which arise frequently when transitioning to low carbon procurement. Developed by the GPP2020 consortium under the lead of the Ecoinstitut, the training packages are tailored to the specific political and administrative conditions of each country.

GPP2020 works to increase awareness of green public procurement (GPP) and mainstream low-carbon procurement across Europe by providing training, technical support and implementing low-carbon tenders through project partners. The project aims to help achieve the EU goal of a 20 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a 20 percent increase in the share of renewable energy and a 20 percent increase in energy efficiency by 2020.

The training materials were developed to help procurers increase implementation of low carbon procurement and to allow other trainers to act as multipliers, equipping them to provide low carbon procurement training. They are free to download in PDF format from the GPP2020 website. If users wish to adapt them to make them more relevant to their specific situations, they should write to to receive editable versions.

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