16 September 2020

European Week of Regions and Cities hosts workshop on socially responsible public procurement

The workshop “The Power of Sustainable Procurement”, taking place on 14 October as part of the European Week of Regions and Cities will present good practice case-studies on sustainable procurement, including green and social critera. The goal of the workshop is to inspire European, national, regional and local governments to “buy social”.

The cases discussed at the workshop will come from the report ‘Making socially responsible public procurement work. 71 good practice cases’. The report written ICLEI in AEIDL, with the support of Public Procurement Analysis, Dialog Makarna and Social Economy Europe, was published in June on behalf of the European Commission.

Highlighting cases that combine green and social aspects, the workshop aims to encourage use their procurement power to promote employment opportunities for the long-term unemployed and/or for people with disabilities, to promote decent work in global supply chains, to encourage fair working conditions for the staff performing the contract, to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and to meet various other social and environmental goals.

Interested? More information on the programme the workshop, and on how to register, can be found under the followling link.