11 June 2012

Energy label speeds up development of efficient televisions

In the past two years the energy consumption of the most efficient televisions has been reduced by 50 percent, moving from class A to A++. This improvement in efficiency has been prompted by the take up of the Energy Label for televisions, put into force in Europe in December of 2010 and compulsory since December 2011., an online search tool which presents the best appliances in various product categories, states that the label’s “influence on the market has been tremendous”. The organisation compiled data on televisions in different energy classes over a period of 30 months. The data illustrates that the number of highly efficient television models available grows in recent months, whilst the availability of lower energy efficient models drops off over time.

The conclusion reached is that a good energy label is highly effective at incentivising greater efficiency, and the results of this have a visible effect on the market. With the Energy Label for TVs, the EC has implemented an effective instrument to accelerate market transformation towards more efficient products, says Topten.

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