25 January 2013

Euro Topten Max provides advice on tendering, life cycle cost savings

The Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) initiative “Euro Topten Max” is now offering free support with tendering to public authorities who wish to buy energy efficient products and/or fuel efficient vehicles. Organisations that are planning to tender for heating or cooling units, ICT equipment, cars, lighting or white goods can visit to express an interest in receiving advice and to find out how significant life cycle costs can be saved.

Topten Pro has been created to help public procurers and other professional buyers to make use of the Topten approach. As well as seeking direct support, procurers can also use the website to benefit from online information in terms of selection criteria, procurement guidelines and ready-to-use tender templates. This guidance is simple to follow and is based on EU public procurement rules. It provides criteria that should be included in tendering in order to buy the most efficient products available. Six product categories are so far covered, with four more to be developed by spring 2013.

Euro Topten Max project partners continually review and update the most energy efficient products in Europe, by regularly screening the market. 17 different countries have their own national Topten websites, which can be accessed via the overarching European website. These websites catalogue the most energy efficient appliances currently available in the form of a consumer-oriented online search tool. It is also possible to compare the electricity or fuel costs of current “Topten” appliances and vehicles, and contrast these with lifetime costs of equivalent inefficient models.

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