2 March 2021

Become a CityLoops replicator!

Is your city or region looking to build the foundations for circularity, to transform your construction and demolition waste stream into a circular flow of materials, or looking to valorise and reuse your biowaste at a high value? Become part of CityLoops! As a replicator you will benefit from funded study visits, direct exchange with the cities in the project, and tailored peer-to-peer workshops.

The CityLoops project is on the cusp of entering it's demonstration phase, in which partner cities will implement the tools and processes they have developed to close the material loops of construction and demolition waste, soil, and biowaste (including municipal organic waste and green waste). This project milestone is accompanied by the recruitment of replicator cities or regions, who will follow the pilot actions and be supported in making plans to replicate them themselves.

CityLoops brings together seven European cities – Apeldoorn (The Netherlands), Bodø (Norway), Mikkeli (Finland), Porto (Portugal), Seville (Spain), Høje-Taastrup and Roskilde (Denmark) - to implement a series of circular economy actions in two of the most important waste streams. To support the actions, they are testing over 30 new tools and processes - and are supported by transversal circular foundations, including urban circularity assessment, circular city evaluation and impact measurement, and circular procurement. Their ultimate aim is to become circular cities in which no resource goes to waste, driving the transition to the circular economy.

For more information, see the project website, where you can find the application form. The application deadline is 16 March 2021.

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