5 May 2022

EIGE publishes toolkit for Gender-responsive Public Procurement

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) has published a step-by-step toolkit for implementing Gender-responsive Public Procurement (GRPP) in the EU. The toolkit is designed for local, regional and national purchasing authorities, including EU institutions, bodies and agencies. The toolkit was created by AEIDL in cooperation with independent experts.

The toolkit aims to support public sector buyers in advancing gender equality through the use of GRPP. It is also designed to be useful to policymakers and practitioners working towards gender equality and gender mainstreaming, at both the EU and the national levels. Although it is not specifically targeted at potential bidders, the toolkit can provide them with inspiration and guidance on how to address gender considerations while preparing a technical offer.

The toolkit takes account of previous and current activities related to GRPP at the European, national and local government levels and the importance of GRPP for promoting gender equality. It features good practice examples and practical tools to put GRPP into practice. The toolkit is structured in such a way that each target group is guided towards the places in the procurement cycle where they could apply GRPP. For each step of the procurement process, users can access a variety of tools, with real-life examples given on how GRPP is applied and how the tools can be used.

The toolkit can be downloaded here.