1 August 2013

GPP uptake in APEC countries examined in new report

Through questionnaires and a thorough review of literature, an outline of the level and impact of GPP policies in Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) countries, comprised of 21 Pacific Rim nations, has emerged. The findings have been published in the new report "Asia Pacific Region: Challenges and Opportunities for Green Growth and Trade".

The study reveals that 18 of the 21 countries included have already developed, or are developing, a GPP policy, but only 15 have defined environmental standards for specific categories of green goods and services. Challenges to GPP uptake, as well as the related opportunities for improvement, have been identified as the scarcity of green products in the market, the scope for greater eco-label use, and the need to better communicate the benefits of GPP, among others.

Greater collaboration and cooperation is needed to improve the state of green growth and open trade in the region, states the report. In addition to discussing the use of GPP as a means to further growth and promote trade in environmental goods and services, the report also incorporates an overview of the best GPP practices in the region.

To view the report, click here.