31 October 2013

New initiative enlists public procurers to improve conditions for electronics workers

Electronics Watch, an initiative that launched in September 2013, is tasked with improving the conditions of workers in the electronics industry across the world. As a result of revelations regarding the conditions for workers in gathering raw materials and manufacture of many popular electronics brands, Electronics Watch has been organised to help European public sector purchasers use their buying power to improve these matters.

Currently there is little public awareness and action among political and procurement decision makers in Europe concerning the labour rights violations that occur in the electronics sector. Neither is there any independent, comprehensive, and credible monitoring system to combat these.

Electronics Watch will provide detailed information regarding the electronics industry, and give help to public buyers with the aim of controlling their supply chain’s ethical standards. Collaborative working will be an important part of addressing the existing issues in procuring electronics. Solutions will promoting labour rights issues such as the right to organise trade unions without fear of reprisal, and improving health and safety standards.

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