20 December 2012

Call for submission of bids to host the the 9th EcoProcura Conference 2014

ICLEI – Local Governments for sustainability are inviting European cities to submit a bid to host the 2014 edition of the EcoProcura conference. The ninth in the series, the conferences seek to generate greater awareness and motivate and encourage people, both from a practical and political sense, to move forward on the issue of sustainable procurement (at the local, national and international level). Through doing so, the conferences contribute to the mainstreaming of sustainable public procurement.

The conference usually lasts for a maximum of 2.5 days and allow for pre and side-events to take place. It can be combined with national initiatives, projects, and product exhibitions/trade fairs related to sustainable procurement. The preliminary focus of the 2013 conference is to present and assess the implications of the new European Public Procurement Directives, discuss how public procurement can stimulate innovation, and provide training and capacity building. ICLEI will lead the development of the EcoProcura conference in close cooperation with the host organisation.

Around 200-300 participants from over 40 countries attend the conferences to interact and share their vision, knowledge and analyse the latest solutions on sustainable procurement. This includes purchasers from local governments, regional and national governments and other national and European public institutions as well as businesses and policy-makers. EcoProcura conferences are also the ideal opportunity for the host to promote its own activities to a wide audience interested and specialised in these topics.

To view the call, click here.