15 May 2014

Environmental and social regulations included in Barcelona council contracts

Integrating green requirements is now obligatory in Barcelona (Spain) for all contracting bodies tendering for vehicles, IT equipment, food, vehicles and office supplies as well as a range of other high priority procurement categories. The change comes following a Mayoral Decree setting out new rules on the inclusion of environmental and social criteria in procurement contracts. Contracts for council services including catering, street cleaning, waste collection and building maintenance are also subject to the regulation.

The City Council is in the process of defining precise criteria for purchasing contracts, which will be sent to all managers when completed. Awareness-raising began a month before the Mayoral Decree implementing the rules was signed, with training provided to help public officials understand the implications on their work. Written guidelines were also made available on the Council intranet, to help staff with procurement responsibilities understand and interpret the new rules.

The new regulations form part of the +Sustainable City Council Plan, set up to foster environmental awareness within municipal services in Barcelona. The rules leave space for future expansion of social and environmental criteria to other contracts awarded by the City of Barcelona.

For more information, click here [in Catalan].