29 November 2012

Events on Socially Responsible Public Procurement to be held in Germany and Spain

A seminar aimed at procurers, traders, policy makers and NGOs on buying socially responsible and environmentally friendly clothing and textiles will take place at the Senate for Finance in Bremen (Germany) on 4 December between 9.00 and 12.45. The event is part of the LANDMARK project and will be co-hosted by the Clean Clothes Campaign, Bremen's development policy Network and its Human Rights and Development Information Centre. Those interested in attending the event can register and see the agenda (in German) online.

On 12 December, the final event of “Network Wear” will take place in Barcelona (Spain). For the last three years this European project has been working on issues of socially responsible public procurement (SRPP) of workwear, preventing exploitation of workers and ensuring a more sustainable future. This dynamic work session will take place at the Hotel Alimara between 9.30 and 17.00. Stakeholders working on related issues are warmly invited to attend this European level event, which will be attended by the LANDMARK project European working group on SRPP, the Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO), Client Earth and the Sweatfree Purchasing Consortium.

The "fair flowers" exhibition takes place on 7 January 2013 in Bremen, between 14.00 and 17.00. A LANDMARK project training session will take place on 10 January, again aimed at procurers, traders, policy makers and NGOs, this time on the topic of buying flowers in a socially responsible manner.

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