20 December 2017

Make ICT Fair social procurement project to improve ICT supply chains

A three-year EuropeAid project began in November 2017 entitled Make ICT Fair, which aims at improving the lives of workers and those impacted along different stages of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) supply chain through research, campaigning, capacity building and advocacy.

The project focuses on workers and communities associated with ICT supply chains, particularly in the Global South. When considering the size and scale of public expenditure, Europe’s public sector has the power to use procurement to create better working conditions in the global ICT industry and protect the rights of workers and communities from the mining sector to the assembly sector.

The project's activities will include outreach to public authorities to become involved in socially responsible public procurement. ICLEI is one of 11 project partners which include research institutions, regional and international NGOs and is led by Swedwatch.

For more information on the Make ICT Fair project, contact the ICLEI Sustainable Economy and Procurement team.