30 July 2012

New standard for responsible purchasing released

The AFNOR group has published a new standard for responsible purchasing titled NF X 50-135, drawing on the regulations set out in the 2010 published standard ISO 2600. The new standard seeks to answer how to combine sustainable development and cost reduction, how to establish a lasting relationship between buyer and supplier, and how to reduce emissions and waste through purchases.

The standard first discusses the political and strategic dimension of an approach to purchasing, then issues recommendations for its operational deployment, including by public purchasers. It seeks to address the reality whereby the economy often takes precedence over social and environmental issues, such as through the allocation of markets without taking into account the full life cycle of a product.

NF X 50-135 can be considered an extension of the 2010 International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards on the social responsibility of organisations. The standard is an opportunity to enhance actions in sustainable development, innovation, and making production conditions more equitable. It is also a tool which can be used to target smart savings.

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