27 January 2012

Swedish government explores procurement of Health Care Electrical and Electronic Equipment

The Swedish government's expert body on environmental and sustainable procurement aspects- the Swedish Environmental Management Council (SEMCo), is currently responsible for developing EU GPP criteria for Electrical and Electronic Equipment used in the health care sector (Health Care EEE) within the EU.

In order to gain a better understanding of the process and circumstances related to the procurement of Health Care EEE in the European countries, SEMCo is seeking input from key stakeholders on their experiences in this area. The four main queries are: how does public procurement of health care equipment work in your country? Who is involved in the process (doctors, procurement officers, technical expertise, etc.)? Are there framework agreements or do you procure equipment when a certain need arises? On which level is procurement undertaken - national, regional, county councils etc.?

Maria Azzopardi, project manager at SEMCo says, “We have learned that the process seems to work quite differently in the Member States, and are therefore interested in this data”. Anyone interested in participating in the project, can contact Maria Azzopardi at (+46 8 700 66 96) or Natalie Tordnell at (+46 8 5010 55 57).

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