29 January 2015

Circular economy in Sweden boosted by new ecolabel

Business in Sweden that extend the life of products will be able to avail of a new ecolabel aimed at encouraging Swedes to think about repairing or reusing old goods. Second hand shops, shoe-repair businesses and more will be eligible for the ecolabel, which is thought to be the first such scheme in Europe.

The campaign is intended to reduce waste and support a shift to a circular economy, furthering European and national environmental objectives. Organised by the Swedish Waste Management association, a membership organisation representing public and private actors within the waste management and recycling sector, the scheme will be funded by participating municipalities. It is hoped that within two years around 70 percent of municipalities in Sweden will take part in the scheme.

Those behind the ecolabel are taking a two step approach to its implementation; the first involves raising awareness of the objectives behind the ecolabel and building interest among the public and private sectors, and the second is the actual awarding of the label, based on an evaluation of applying businesses.

For more information, visit ENDS Europe.