15 October 2013

Nordic countries to develop norms and standards for green buildings

Nordic governments have unveiled plans to issue common standards within the construction sector as a means to boost green growth. Standardisation, they contend, is essential to a healthy and sustainable building sector. Focus will be placed on three areas: sustainable renovation of existing buildings, indoor climate and voluntary classification standards, and Nordic contributions to EU regulations and standards in sustainable construction.

Nordic Innovation, an institution within the Nordic Council of Ministers, has been tasked with spearheading the projects. “Standardisation is a key tool in reducing trade barriers and building markets. Harmonised standards within the Nordic countries will make it easier for companies in the building sector to conduct business across the region,” says Johan Englund, Senior Advisor at Nordic Innovation.

Each project will be led by a Nordic country - Norway will lead on sustainable renovation, Denmark will be responsible for the indoor climate project and Finland will take charge of Nordic contributions to EU sustainable construction product declarations. The projects aim to enhance Nordic influence in green standardisation, developing models that will be adopted Europe-wide.

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