30 May 2014

Training module shows procurement professionals how to influence labour conditions

Procurement professionals can have a significant impact on improving labour conditions in the textile industry by working closely with factories and using their influence positively. The WellMade project shows them how to do so. Funded by the European Commission, the project offers training and information to introduce an ethical element to purchasing decisions.

WellMade was launched last year to help provide those working in the European clothing industry with tools to understand labour issues they have influence over, and how they can support better conditions. A procurement version quickly followed, as today requirements for price and quality go hand in hand with demands to include social criteria in tender processes.

The WellMade website provides case studies to guide employees through common difficulties they may encounter when contracting manufacturing work. Fact sheets and reports designed to help procurement professionals incorporate social criteria into their business decisions are also included. Over the next two years, the project will bring its expertise to procurers across Europe with a series of free training sessions at trade fairs and events.

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