28 July 2016

PRIMES project highlights good practice in GPP

A series of good practice case studies have been published which show how GPP is being implemented in smaller municipalities. The case studies were developed through the EU funded PRIMES project. They focus on the product categories that have been found to be particularly relevant when it comes to the implementation of green public procurement in smaller municipalities. These include energy efficient street lighting, sustainable construction works, procuring energy efficient ICT products, and green electricity.

PRIMES is an EU funded project that aims to develop basic skills and provide hands-on support for public procurers in order to overcome barriers and implement Green Public Procurement (GPP). The project is offering good GPP practice examples from several smaller and medium sized municipalities of six European countries (Croatia, Denmark, France, Italy, Latvia and Sweden.

PRIMES first green public procurement good practices aim at helping small and medium sized municipalities in implementing green public procurement and at sharing procurers’ experiences. The good practice case studies can be found on the PRIMES website, with more due to be made available during the course of the year.

For further questions do not hesitate to contact Jorgen Grubbe at the Municipalities of Holbaek, Denmark at