1 March 2012

Public procurement to benefit youth in Kenya

The Kenyan Government has committed to ensuring that 10 percent of all Government procurement be allocated to the youth to further empower them. President Mwai Kibaki also directed the Attorney General and the Minister for Finance to remove the legal bottlenecks that hinder the youth from accessing Government contracts.

Noting that the Youth Enterprise Development Fund and the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports cannot deal with all youth issues single-handedly, President Kibaki expressed the need for concerted efforts from all Government departments and the private sector. Consequently, the President asked all ministries to ensure they include youth focused targets in the performance contracts of all their departments.

"As a government we will continue supporting the youth because they are our nation's best hope," President Kibaki said. The Head of State was speaking during celebrations to mark the fifth anniversary of the Youth Enterprise Development Fund.

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