13 September 2012

LANDMARK Multimedia Exhibition stops at EcoProcura before hitting the road

EcoProcura 2012 will see the launch of the LANDMARK Multimedia Exhibition on how social responsibility can be achieved within public sector supply chains. Taking place on 19 September, the exhibition will feature recorded interviews and animations, along with an interactive exhibit that invites visitors to explore issues and solutions surrounding the procurement of various high-risk product groups such as food and textiles.

The Multimedia Exhibition will examine how social responsibility can actually be achieved within public sector supply chains, with a particular focus on verification of supplier compliance. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the latest multimedia and web technologies for procurement (along with a glass of prosecco). After the conference the exhibition will tour Europe, taking in Spain, Portugal, Germany and many other countries.

The exhibition is part of the LANDMARK project, which aims to change local authority consumption habits and enable them to act as key drivers for the promotion of fair working conditions in global supply chains. The project helps local authorities purchase fairly produced products, and in this way drive improvement in the working conditions of workers in Asia and parts of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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