22 June 2012

Korea green procurement programme presented at Rio+20

The Republic of Korea presented its green growth policies and experiences at the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development this week, placing particular emphasis on the country’s green procurement programme. The programme, introduced in 2004, compels government agencies and public organisations to buy green products.

The Green procurement law in Korea targets 33,000 government agencies, and has proven to be extremely successful. The programme also promotes the use of eco-labels as a means to increase the level of green procurement among private organisations. The Ministry of Environment (MoE) is currently working closely with 30 large scale companies to improve green procurement practices.

The MoE has also launched a public relations and information campaign on buying green, which includes advertisements on television, radio and online. The Rio+20 presentation from the Korean delegation was given at a high-level policy forum on the development of a framework for green economy, one of the key priorities of the Rio+20 Conference.

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