22 October 2013

Taiwan sees major rise in green procurement

Taiwan (Republic of China) has seen a meteoric rise in the procurement of green products and the purchase of sustainable goods across all sectors, representing a major boon to the economy. The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) reported that green purchasing by civil organisations, government bodies, and private businesses reached a value of $45 billion in 2012.

The green procurement rate for government agencies stands at an astounding 94.87 percent, worth over $9.5 billion according to Stephen Shu-hung Shen of the EPA. The number of public enterprises reporting green purchasing of at least $20 million also increased by almost 30 percent in 2012 from 45 firms in 2011.

Over 11,000 businesses have recorded sales of green-certified products, totalling over $27.4 billion. An upturn in the number of green products sold is being recorded by retail sectors across the nation, with companies specialising in motorbikes, household electrical appliances, construction materials, stationery and computers all reporting increases in the sale of eco-products.

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