21 July 2015

EU project uses PPI to achieve sustainable management of municipal waste

Innovative public procurement is being used to tackle Europe's growing waste problem, with the EU-funded PPI4Waste project promoting eco-innovative solutions to tackle sustainable waste management issues. The project is also supporting the implementation of European policies and national strategies on waste, and aims to improve resource efficiency and sustainable consumption throughout Europe. The project brings together eight partners from five European countries.

As well as establishing a list of purchasers who may potentially be interested in buying innovative waste solutions, the project is attempting to define public authorities’ needs. Interviews with 14 contracting authorities across the EU have already been conducted, resulting in the identification of almost 100 needs covering the whole waste management chain. Examples include pre-treatment of bulky waste, reducing the noise caused by street sweeping and washing systems, and the sealing of landfill and gas removal.

Project partners will agree on at least three priority areas, and work with contracting authorities to address them through innovative procurement. The results of the project’s needs assesment will be presented during an international procurement foresight workshop in Brussels (Belgium) on 29 October 2015.

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