24 April 2012

Sustainable procurement criteria and labels developed in Thailand

The Thai government has enacted a programme to increase the sustainability of its public procurement through developing sustainable procurement criteria and reliable labels. The Thai example is also intended to support climate-friendly consumption and production patterns in other Asian countries, with the labels aimed at use in the private sector. Public procurement covers about 20 percent of consumption in Thailand.

Climate-friendly public procurement and the integration of climate relevant criteria into existing eco-labels are two key elements for establishing a low-carbon economy. The project will expand existing eco-labels in Thailand and in selected Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) countries to cover climate protection criteria, and will strengthen Green Public Procurement (GPP) in the country.

Public procurement staff will learn the new guidelines and be trained to use the new options of the eco-labels. The approach is designed to be applicable to all ASEAN members and China. Thai GPP strategies with adaptation to climate aspects will be disseminated to the ASEAN Region and the experiences of China in the development of eco-labels will also be incorporated into the framework of the ASEAN-China-cooperation.

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