24 March 2016

Submissions invited for 2016 Welsh National Procurement Awards

The 2016 edition of the Welsh National Procurement Awards, which celebrates achievements in Wales in public procurement and tendering, is now open for submissions. The awards ceremony will take place on 10 June 2016 and will see leaders in the Welsh public procurement sector in attendance.

Submissions for the awards are open until 13 May 2016 with the guidelines and nominations form available online. 10 award categories are open this year, covering a wide spectrum of procurement activities. Award categories include: innovation through procurement, corporate social responsibility, e-procurement, and procurement collaboration.

To be successful, nominees must display to the judges that they have achieved a high degree of innovation or achievement; measurable and significant results, as viewed from a number of perspectives, such as savings, organisational culture change, efficiency, effectiveness, etc.; and transferability, from the perspective that the central idea or approach shows promise for use by others in the wider procurement, contract delivery, or tendering field. Judges will also look for submissions that can be considered best practice.

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