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Clean Fleets project invites comments on new tools

6 October 2014

The Clean Fleets project is inviting interested parties to comment on the draft 'Guide to procuring clean, energy efficient vehicles’ and the new Life-Cycle Costing (LCC) Tool ahead of finalisation. The guide is designed to assist public authorities and public transport operators in purchasing clean and energy efficient vehicles in full compliance with European legislation, in particular the Clean Vehicles Directive (CVD). The LCC Tool has been developed to calculate the life-cycle cost of vehicle fleets.

The European Commission funded guide is primarily targeted at procurers and fleet managers, but is also of relevance to policy makers and others involved in the transport sector. It presents how environmental criteria can be introduced into the different stages of procurement procedures, together with information on relevant topics. The LCC tool has been developed to be of use to public procurers specifically.

To shape the comments, those interested are asked to respond to four short questions on each of the two project outputs, relating to issues such as how useful the tool is and whether any pertinent information is missing. Respondents can do so by contacting by 3 November 2014. Both products will be provided free-of-charge.

To view the questions, visit the Clean Fleets website.